Exterior Examination -- Home Watch Florida Keys

  • Check for any exterior signs of trespassing, intrusion, vandalism, and weather damage.
  • Check screens, windows, window coverings for signs of damage (tears, condition, etc.)
  • Remove all newspapers, phone books, flyers, business cards, etc. from front door/driveway area.
  • Inspect landscaping and pool/spa to ensure maintenance has been completed.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure.
  • For any problems noted, we will coordinate with law enforcement or the proper authorities, secure estimates for repairs and oversee the maintenance.
  • 24x7 Home security alarm response.

Interior Examination -- Home Watch Florida Keys
Interior Examination:

  • Inspect interior for visual signs of pest intrusion.
  • Inspect interior ceilings, walls and floors for obvious water damage and mold.
  • Replace homeowner provided smoke detector batteries as needed.
  • Ensure light timers are in working order and bulbs are functional (homeowner provided).
  • Run garbage disposal.
  • Run faucets, shower heads, tub spigots, toilets, ensure no visible leaking.
  • Maintain interior temperatures to ensure systems are in order.
  • Check temperature of refrigerator and freezer.
  • Inspect water heater for leakage.
  • Reset alarm system upon exit, secure door lock and shut off household water at valve (unless there is a pool) upon vacating premises.


Additional Services -- Home Watch Florida Keys

...such as but not limited to below list.

  • Monitor home improvement projects.
  • Care for any deliveries.
  • (Additional Services will be billed at a separate rate.)