Keyholding Services

Keyholding -- Home Watch Florida Keys

Home Watch Florida Keys will provide a professional and dependable contact while you’re away from your home in the Keys. We can be your local representative to meet service providers at your home on your behalf. Sometimes leaving a key with your neighbor, friend, or relative is not possible due to schedule complications. What if you’re just not comfortable with leaving a key with neighbors and giving them access your home and possessions?

Home Watch Florida Keys Keyholding Service is a secure and affordable way to allow access to your home by an insured and bonded contact.

Our Keyholding/Wait Services:

  • Wait and meet service person (phone, cable, pest control, appliance repair, plumbing, etc.)
  • Supervise service/contractor person at your property
  • Meet renters or friends at your home to begin and/or end their stay

All issues requiring the use of your key will be managed in a professional confidential manner. Keyholding services provided by Home Watch Florida Keys is one less thing you need to worry about! “Confidence and Peace of Mind”

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